Welcome to our Testimony page!

Revelation 19:10 states that “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” When we re-tell stories of the goodness of God, we are doing this in order to create an atmosphere for God to move again. The root word of “testimony” in the Hebrew language is “do again”, so by telling testimonies of God’s healing, we are inviting Him to do it again! It is our belief that by reading through these testimonies, or by watching the videos of healings’ on our video page, whatever pain you may have in your body will begin to leave in Jesus’ name! If you have a testimony of your own, please do send it on to us, we love to bask in the goodness of God and rejoice in all that He is doing in Scotland and around the world!

Johnstone – May 2016

Marie had a very bad burn on her wrist – but being diabetic this would normally require extensdive medical treatment.  Marie says “Now it is healed – without extensive treatment – I received a Prayer Cloth sent from the Healing Room Team and this simple act encouraged my faith to rise and believe for healing – I prayed for my arm myself – and it healed so quickly”.

Marie – Johnstone


Glasgow – April 2016

Aurah first came to Healing Rooms in February 2016 with depression, anxiety, fear and walked with a limp.  She received prayer and was also given many encouraging words over the weeks from the prayer teams.

Tuesday 12 April – she says “I went back to my family Doctor for a check up and the Doctor confirmed to me that there has been a sudden improvement in my test results”  Aurah goes on “I wasn’t surprised as I had been feeling so much better  – the fear, anxiety and depression is totally gone and the pain I was feeling in my hip which caused me to walk with a limp is also totally gone”.

Aurah – Glasgow


Johnstone – March 2016

Nessie writes- since attending the Healing Rooms Ihave been able to lift my right arm straight up and also out to the side.  I hadn’t been able to do this for a good while and it had been so painful.  Even stretching to put a light on caused pain.  Now my arm is pain free.

Nessie – Linwood


Newton Stewart – November 2015

Jacqueline had severe shoulder and upper arm pain shooting down her arm – she says herself “NOW I have no pain and moving freely”.

Jacqueline – Newton Stewart


Erskine – November 2015

June said she had restless legs – and after prayer felt heat flow up her legs.  Artritis pain in neck and shoulder also immediately feeling less pain after prayer.

June – Erskine


Perth – March 2014

Sylvia attended a Fundamentals Training Course and during the morning her back was in terrible pain.  She received prayer and Syvia says “I felt a tingling from in my finger tips up and all over my body – the pain in my back melted away I was able to bend and sit comfortably which was such a relief”.

Sylvia – Dysart


Glasgow – January 2014

A 63 year old lady requested prayer for back pain (she had fractured her hip when 6 years old, also disc problems, shoulder pain, tow hiatus hernias, diabetes and carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists – wearing splints. Before she came in, I had a picture of an expanse of small fires and a sense that I should touch her hip. She sat for prayer as it was too sore to stand. We annointed her with oil, asking Holy Spirit to come. I touched her hip and released healing over her. After a while I sensed I should ask her to try standing and do something she couldn’t do before. She lifted both arms up to the ceiling saying that she couldn’t do that before. Also, the pain was reduced! We thanked God for what He was doing and asked for 100% healing and commanded the pain to leave. Asking her to try something else, she bent down as if to touch her toes, straightened up and with a huge look of relief and joy declared that she had “No pain! No pain!!” She said she couln’t normally stand this long either! We all thanked God and celebrated all that He had done. He’s amazing. She left with a huge smile! She later told me that when I’d touched her hip, she felt a heat like fire go down her leg. That must have been the meaning of the small fire I’d seen earlier on.

Testimony Archive

“I have been healed after prayer of my muscle tension headache which had been with me daily for over 8 years.

During the same period of time I’ve also been healed of my dry mouth which I was told I would always have to live with, due to my medication.

During the last 3 weeks I’ve had a severe pain in my knee prayed for and this was removed almost instantly , at the same time I had an injury to my eye. After prayer I went to the opticians and the injury was completely healed.”

March 2014 – Orkney – During a healing service we were praying for a lady who had pain in her hip, she felt all the pain leave her body and as she received her healing, the lady who was sat in the row behind her had her back pain leave completely! God is so excited about seeing people get healed that sometimes we don’t actually even need to pray for anyone!

A girl who had clicking in her back and her pain level was at a 7 out of 10 felt the pain go down slowly and then leave her body totally. The clicking stopped and she left with no more pain in her back

A woman in her 70’s received prayer and soon felt all the pain leave from her neck and shoulders – God is no respecter of age when it comes to healing, regardless of how old you are or how long you have had pain, today could be the day when you receive full healing!


In Perth we prayed for a lady who just the day before we met her had broken her toe. As we prayed for her she felt all the pain leave and the swelling went right down as well. We met up with her a couple weeks later to hear that since we prayed for her, she has been able to walk and move around without any pain and the toe felt completely better.

Prayed for a man with knee pain and as we did, he felt the pain go down completely.